How To Edit Photos

Before we get into how to edit your digital photo, be sure you’ve decided on a free online photo editing program that you like. If not, you can always go back to either Free Photo Editing Software or Free Online Photo Editing to evaluate the best choices.

Either way, you’ll now need to know the basic features to edit your photos.

If you’d like to consider a professional photo editing software, you can get all the advanced features at an affordable price. See Professional Photo Editing Software to learn more. How well your photograph was captured and edited will enhance your image. Even if the photo was not captured well to begin with, it can be edited later.

These simple editing techniques will result in getting outstanding photos. They might seem simple and easy, but they do make a huge difference to the overall result. So, let’s begin discussing some very simple and basic editing techniques which would be beneficial for you.

Brightness/Contrast: this is the easiest and most widely used technique. Use these if the photo was too dark or was clicked in a too bright environment.

Hue and saturation: Use these to basically control the color content of a photograph. Hue balances the color while Saturation alters the strength of the color.

Removing red eye: Most photo editing software programs come with the red eye removal feature. Just select the red eye removal icon and select the area around the eyes. The red eye will be removed.

Sharpen the photo: By sharpening an image, the photo will have a much cleaner look and will be less grainy. It will result in a crisp image.

Sizing: The size of a photo also determines the quality you are getting. Increasing the size, reduces the resolution (crispness) of the photo while decreasing the size improves the resolution.

Noise: Noise is used to add a film of grain over the photo. It will give you a classic look.

Adjusting color levels: The color levels can be adjusted in order to produce a more balanced use of all colors and also to remove different color imbalances.

These are some of the very basic and most common editing techniques that you need with a free photo editing program. These might seem to you to be very simple, but they will definitely help you in achieving outstanding photos.